Recover Payment Protection Insurance

UPDATE 28.7.19: 

The deadline to submit PPI complaints is 29TH AUGUST 2019.  In recent weeks we have experienced an unprecedented demand for our services.  Because of this we are no longer accepting ANY new PPI clients.  If we’ve already sent you a pack, it must be returned by no later than 8th August if you want us to act for you.  After that date, even if you return your pack, we will not be able to act for you.

JMP Partnership is a Claims Management Company regulated by the FCA and we specialise in the recovery of PPI from financial Institutions. We are only a small family owned business, but we know every detail of every client’s claim, and we are always here on the phone to help. We have had stunning success getting money back from banks, credit card firms etc over the last 12 years.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

The FCA has asked us to explain the following about the above video to avoid the possibility that you might be mislead about it. This video is not meant to communicate that this is the average refund that a consumer gets on a PPI claim.  It is, as the video makes very clear (we think) a MASSIVE refund for a SMALL BUSINESS (not a consumer), and far more than the average consumer gets, hence the use of the words MASSIVE (as opposed to average) and SMALL BUSINESS (as opposed to consumer). 

Want to know more?

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