JMP – The PPI Experts – Client Survey

On 2nd March 2018 we received a spreadsheet from one of the banks (we won’t name them just yet). That spreadsheet contained the details of 37,000 clients of that bank who had pending PPI complaints.

We should not have received this data from this bank.   This was, we are told, due to human error but we are now worried that this may have happened in the past and that data about our own clients was available to other claims management companies.


The survey below takes 20 seconds at most to complete and will help us identify if this might have happened and investigate if any other banks have breached the Data Protection Act in this way.  It will also give us an opportunity to ask what YOU think of the service we provide?


Thank you for your help with this investigation, it is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for completing this survey to help us protect your data.


It you have any problems opening the survey, click this link and do it directly on the Survey Monkey platform 


UPDATE:  We have received quite a few emails & calls asking us to explain the somewhat unusual nature of this survey

In all reality there is only one question on the of substance of the data breach.  That is question 2, ‘have you received a letter from another CMC immediately after we started the process of gathering data for you?’  So far, of 500+ people who have completed the survey, a significant proportion were contacted by another CMC JUST after they became clients of ours.  This makes me VERY suspicious that some banks were providing OUR CLIENT’S data to OTHER CMCs due to faulty security processes. 

Of course there is a possibility this is because our clients weren’t happy with the service we provided in the first few weeks and pro-actively contacted another CMC to get them to do their PPI!  So I have, as you can see, asked clients to tell me what they thought of our service to eliminate that argument / possibility.  So far I am delighted to report that you rate us very highly. 

The reason phone calls and texts about PPI was not in the survey (only letters) is because the data ‘loss’ I’m concerned about does NOT include phone numbers, just names addresses and potentially account numbers.

Hope that explains it.