Just Giving Funds –

How they have been spent so far

To avoid any questions over how the Justgiving money that was donated by parents back in 2016 was spent, I have published details of all the money in and out.


Total Donated                                 £10,577.00

Commission kept by Justgiving       £677.33

FUNDS PAID TO ME                      £9,899.67

Refunds requested by donors who didn’t want their money used to help other parents facing prosecution:

PARENTS WANT A SAY             £1000

K GLENCROSS                          £10

B BANACH                                  £20

T HILL                                         £20

C H                                             £35

A K                                             £42

(note:  AK and CH made a request under s10 of the Data Protection Act to have their names removed from the list of refunds paid on the grounds that me publishing their names has caused them distress.  CH made a formal complaint to the Information Commissioners Office to the same effect.  Despite the fact that the donations were made publicly, these people now want the refunds paid privately. I believe that I am perfectly entitled to publish the names of the people who received refunds,  but rather than wasting time arguing the point their names have been edited to just their initials).


TOTAL REFUNDS                     £1127

Balance remaining                    £8772.67


Cases fought

22.11.16 2 families in Suffolk (both cases won)  Solicitor’s fees (including VAT) £1800 Paid to Michael Spoors Solicitors plus £250 travel costs to attend court in Suffolk which required an overnight stay = total of £2050.


5.12.16 3 families cases in Salisbury against Swindon Borough Council (all 3 cases won) Solicitor’s fees paid to Michael Spoors Solicitors £2700

12.12.16 1 family in court in Blackpool (case won) Barrister Fee of £900 paid to Richard Brigden of Garden Court Chambers in Manchester.

16.12.16 1 family in court in Scunthorpe (absolute discharge) Fee not yet paid but anticipated to be £660 inclusive of VAT to Symes Bain Broomer Solicitors.


Total spend to date (29.12.16)        £6310.


Balance still at hand                    £2,462.67



24.1.17 Family  in Swindon represented by Michael Spoors – case adjourned pending decision of the Supreme Court.  Fee paid £1200 

2.2.17  1 family in Lancashire (case currently subject to reporting restrictions so can’t say anymore) found to have NO CASE TO ANSWER after two days in court.  Represented by Richard Brigden of Garden Court Chambers in Manchester.   Fee paid £1800



DONATION by JMP PARTNERSHIP to balance the books £337.33



UPDATE: 3.2.17



DONATION: by L & S Pearce £10


New balance £130 at 3.2.17